What Should You Expect From My Blog?

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Educational Support

This blog will help teachers, carers and parents to support kids with their education. Some children find it more difficult to focus or settle into an academic space and then it is your job to guide them through this. Check out my tips for educational support to help you through!

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Teaching Methods

Teaching has changed over the years and if you don’t adapt with it you end up not making as good of an impact on your kids. It is not just about how to teach everyone anymore but how to cater to students that are autistic or dealing with family problems at home. This blog should guide you through a few techniques and tips to support you!

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Higher Education

Navigating applying and then going to university can be super difficult but with a little guidance you’ll be on your way for your degree. It just takes a lot of hard work and dedication along with planning to make sure that you can achieve the best with your career and life!

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Career Options

Where do you even begin? A career is something that you want to dedicate your life to but how do you make that decision? Well I can try and help you to navigate through various different career options so that you can find the perfect one for you!

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About FUMC Charlotte

Hey, I’m Charlotte and this is my blog FUMC Charlotte. FUMC stands for Future United Minds Collective, which is what I stand for, nurturing the young in education so they can grow up to be the future leaders of the world!

I want to give information to parents, teachers, young students who are taking their next steps towards their bright and brilliant future.

I have a fresh perspective being a new teacher of 5 years and being through the whole university and learning process, so I hope you appreciate my tips and have some fun too!

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