How to Feel Confident in Your Online Teaching

Teaching online is a great career choice for many reasons. If you’re new to online teaching, you may feel hesitant or even intimidated by the idea of self-publishing your lessons to the world. You may feel as though the online world is a scary place to be and that no one will ever read your content. But that’s simply not the case. Once you start to learn how to make your online lessons more engaging and interactive, you’ll realize that there’s an entirely new way that you can build your online reputation in the world of teaching. You can teach any age of children online (learn more about this at G2CS) however older children tend to prefer online learning compared to kindergarten-age kids. This is because younger children can get restless!

Having confidence means you’re taking an honest look at where you’re coming from-and where you want to take your teaching. Knowing how you feel about your teaching will help you decide whether you’re feeling confident or not. Here’s how to feel confident in your online teaching.

  • There are many ways to become a better teacher online, and the first step to improving is to make sure you are well-prepared. You ought to have the right technical tools for screen recording (like Loom) and check if the internet connection is good enough. Of course, you also need to prepare the subject. Many teachers do not prepare enough for their lessons, not even for basic questions and topics. Planning means deciding what you want to do and doing it specifically. Additionally, make sure the internet is working properly since online classes cannot be seamless without a good internet connection. Try typing in keywords like check my speed and see if there is enough speed for your class to go smoothly if it feels shaky during your class or before.
    Teaching online is a tricky business. You are vulnerable to all kinds of online security risks, from embarrassing personal photos to the dreaded “scammer.” But you can avoid these problems and stay safe by preparing and planning ahead. This may mean looking into the various VPNs that are available, such as the best vpn for firefox, internet explorer, google, etc. so you are ready to go without the worry of a security breach.
  • I know that the internet can be a tough place to deal with social anxiety. With constant stimuli and a social media world where we constantly talk to people about whom we know very little, how can you stay calm and have confidence in your online teaching? The answer is to be conscious of your body language.
    If you are thinking about what you are going to say, you will probably look down at your notes and speak softly. As a teacher, I’ve found that observing your body language is a great way to increase confidence. If you are feeling nervous, take a few deep breaths and look into the eyes of your students.
  • I think you’ve seen articles that tell you to wear this and that to an online class as a teacher, and I know that there are outfits that can make you uncomfortable. But, as you can imagine, no one wants to automatically assume that the people they are teaching will be the same ones they are, so they don’t.
    Instead, they wear a comfortable outfit that allows them to be themselves, emulating the role of a real person. If you are just starting out in your teaching career, you might be thinking to yourself that this is some advice you can ignore. You might also be thinking that it’s a little late to be doing this. But, if you are feeling a little insecure about your teaching skills, I am willing to bet that you will be pleasantly surprised at how much confidence you can gain from wearing clothes that you are comfortable in while teaching.
  • There are many ways to present yourself online. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tutor, you can find an online teaching style that works best for you. But don’t forget that just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Spend some time on your online presence to make yourself more relatable to potential students.
    You want to show that you’re a real teacher, not some instructor that’s been hired to step into your shoes. You want to let your students know that they’re in good hands, and most of all, don’t forget to smile! A smile can have many meanings, but it’s all about showing your teeth. Your teeth reflect your personality, so a smile can tell someone a lot about your character.
  • If you are a teacher, you should never be afraid of being yourself. If you are a learner, you should never be afraid of being yourself. If you are a leader, you should never be afraid of being yourself. Being yourself is the only way that you can do it all – the only way you can truly be successful. You are the one who will own the achievement of your dreams, not someone else.

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