How To Find New Teachers to Fill Your School’s Open Positions

As a teacher, you know the hiring process for open positions can be lengthy and time-consuming. As a hiring manager, you know that the new hires need to be qualified and competent to teach in your school. However, you also know the job supply is low, and schools, districts, and states across the country are looking to fill open positions.

Here are Tips for Finding New Teachers to Fill Your School’s Open Positions:

Identify Your Openings

The first step in filling your open teaching positions is identifying what areas you need to fill. Are there positions available in each grade level, or are you completely desperate for one or more kindergarten teachers? Are there any teachers you want to hire but can’t do due to lack of funding? Make a list of the positions at your school that need to be filled and write the creates for each.

Use An Effective Hiring Process

During the summer months, schools are on the lookout for new teachers to fill their open teaching positions for the fall. While the hiring process may seem daunting, following a proven process can help you find the best candidates. An efficient process starts with accurate job descriptions. These job posts should be well-written and reflect what a position entails. Specifically, your school will want to consider if the requirements for a position are easy enough for candidates to meet or if they need extra time. Also, while hiring, consider running wwcc check (working with children checks) on prospective hirees to ensure they have a spotless background. Hiring a teacher with past crime records can risk the safety of students.

Look For Prospective Teachers That Have Targeted Desirable Traits

Teachers with target skills or characteristics are a great place to start. Target skills are based on proven criteria that predict student outcomes. These skills predict student success and lead to higher teacher satisfaction and a better working environment. They cut down on the time needed to hire a new teacher since past performance is the best predictor of future performance, so a teacher with target skills is more likely to have a successful teaching career.

Be Open to Accepting Resumes

Use the unofficial mantra “speed dating” to help you find teachers to fill those open teaching positions. Before accepting resumes for your open positions, send out the job description to the mass media. Google’s job-search tool, for example, allows for location-specific searches for teachers.

Consider Hiring Independent Teachers.

Independent teachers work on their own schedules, allowing you to increase their salary potential. They also allow you to fill the available teaching positions quickly without going through a teacher recruiting agency. It is important, however, to note that even though an independent worker can be beneficial to your institution, you’d want to be sure of who you’re hiring. As mentioned before, you need to conduct an elaborate hiring process. Consider seeking the help of Bond Rees and other tracing agents of the like to get an insight into the candidate’s history. When you find a potential teacher that fits the role and has a clean slate, you can be assured that your students will be safe around him or her, and can benefit from their teachings.

Consider The Teaching Marketplace.

When teachers are looking for the ideal teaching position, they are often directed by word-of-mouth. When they have a positive experience working in a school, they often tell their friends and relatives about the great learning environment.

Check References

Before you hire a person or company, check references to verify their qualifications. Find a teacher reference database online or ask your school’s human resources department for recommendations. You can also perform a background check for employment before you hire them; this will allow you to find thorough details about the person you are intending to hire.

Take Time to Train These Teachers

Finding new teachers to fill open classroom positions isn’t easy, especially during a teacher shortage. But it’s important to invest in training your new teachers so they can succeed. Before hiring, take the time to train them on essential topics like classroom management. Try to invest in a teacher coach or mentor who will walk your new teacher through their first few months in the classroom and be there to support them along the way.

Provide Them with Effective Professional Development

Teachers’ working conditions can have a significant influence on student achievement. Teachers who feel supported, valued, and professionally fulfilled in the classroom are more effective educators. Effective teachers have the knowledge, skills, and ability to help students learn.

Finding and hiring new teachers can be challenging. You need to hire people who not only have the necessary qualifications but also fit into the school culture, work well with other employees, and are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to become effective teachers.

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