Best Online College Resources to Use During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been rough on all of us citizens, especially those on campus. Getting a college education can be tough but doing it remotely can have its own set of obstacles. The 2020 pandemic has been one of the most challenging times to be a student in history. The best online colleges have stepped up to help throughout all of this. With most students and faculty forced to work from home, many colleges have opened up their resources to provide students with the opportunity to continue learning.

With much of the country shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you may be worried about how you will keep up with all of your school obligations. But fear not: you can still keep up with your coursework while at home.

Here are some incredibly helpful online college resources that can help you complete your assignments while staying safe and sane. 

  • A Career Service

Online colleges and career services are invaluable resources during these times. The Career Services team is led by various career counsellors and professionals in government, education, and the private sector. Individuals and professionals can readily access Career Services for career counselling and assessment, resume preparation, job-search assistance, career advice, and much more.

  • A Health Centre

Some of the best online college resources to use during the pandemic are health services. Online college courses can typically be accessed from home. In addition, most institutions now have live help features on campuses. These chat boxes have personal advisors who can help answer questions about online college courses and campus housing, as well as health advisors to answer any health-related questions. In addition, many institutions of higher learning have set up virtual health fairs for online students. These fairs provide access to healthcare professionals to answer general health questions. Finally, many colleges have set up virtual classrooms that allow students to communicate with instructors and other students. These classrooms often incorporate live lectures, webcams, and screensharing.

College students are dealing with several challenges during these unprecedented times, including distance learning and time away from campus. The On Campus Health Centre is here to help. The health centre has resources for students, faculty, and staff. Schools all over the country have implemented online learning to support students who are unable to be on campus physically. 

  • A Tutoring or Writing service

College writing and tutoring centres are a wonderful way to get support for your academic work during quarantine. There are many resources available on and through an online college, but one of the best is the writing centre. The writing centre can provide academic support for students at no extra cost. They offer help with any writing assignment and on any topic. They can even help students edit their writing. The writing centre offers additional tutoring services as well. These can be found at most colleges. Writing centre tutors can help with any English class. They can offer help with essays, research papers, and other written assignments. Some students may be interested in math tutoring as well. Math can be a challenging subject for many students. The tutoring centre can help those students by providing math help. They can help students improve grades, work on problem sets, and more.

  • A Financial Aid Advisors

The semester is coming to an end, and many students are facing the harsh reality of balancing college life with the pandemic. But do not worry, help is on the way. Your financial aid advisor is there to help, and they hold the key to getting you the financial aid you need. As college students, there may be times when you need to tap into your financial aid resources. Perhaps you’re struggling to keep up with your classes, or you’re worried about your future and aren’t sure what you should do next. No matter what your circumstances, if you have questions about the financial aspect of your college experience, it is never too late to start calling your financial aid advisors. The Financial Aid Advisors are experts who can help you navigate the complex world of financial aid, and they can advise you whether you will be better served by calling them online, over the phone, or in person.

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